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Preparatory courses are one of the best methods for preparing for entrance examinations to an institution of higher education and acquiring additional knowledge in necessary spheres.

The period of training is from 2 months till 2 years.

Graduates who successfully complete from the preparatory courses are enrolled in the Academy according to results of final examinations.

The graduates entering the Academy receive discounts in payment for training.

The preparatory courses are conducted twice a week for 4 academic hours (2 pairs).

Depending on the faculty you choose, you may study the following disciplines – The law faculty: 1. Domestic history 2. Russian language 3. Modern facilities of computing techniques – The financial-economic faculty: 1. Mathematics 2. Russian language 3. Modern facilities of computing techniques - English language: Once a week – 3 thousand rubles per year, twice a week at 2 hours – 6 thousand rubles per year - Design: 1. Russian language 2. Drawing and painting. Lessons take place in the buildings of the Academy t the following addresses:

  • Warshavskoye Chauseé 81, bldg. 2, near "Warshavskaya" metro station, tel.: 119-15-66; telephone of the Admition Board 119-00-06; 119-00-70

  • "Tulskaya," "Shabolovskaya" metro stations, Serpukhovskoy Val Street 17, bldg. 1, tel.: 958-50-36

  • "Krasnoselskaya" metro station, Verknyaya Krasnoselskayaya Street 16, tel.: 264-08-21  

  • "Bibirevo" metro station , Plestcheev's Street 16а, tel.: 902-32-88

  • "Kuntsevo" metro station, Vereyskaya Street 29/146, entrance commission, tel.: 443-32-96, 443-34-42

  • "Pechatniki" metro station, Polbin Street 1, tel.: 353-16-45, 352-20-35

Telephone of the Admition Board: 126-96-66 (from 10:00 till 18.00). Address: Moscow, B. Cheryomushkinskaya Street 17а

For the participants of preparatory courses who have successfully passed the resulting certification, an additional discount is provided for the first payment at the following rate:

15% - for graduates who attended the courses for 5, 8, 12, and 16 months;

10% - for graduates who attended the courses for 2 and 4 months;

10% discount for those who come to the preparatory courses up till 30 of May under payment for the courses in 2003/2004.

English language – 3,000 (once a week), 6,000 (twice a week).