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In the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy a Dissertation Council has been established, which allows the performance of all activities necessary for defense of dissertations. Members of the Dissertation Council are leading specialists in their fields of knowledge, professors and doctors of sciences.

The Postgraduate Studies of the Academy was opened in 1988. Repeated licensing with acquisition of the right to perform educational activities in the sphere of postgraduate education for the next 5 years was obtained in 2001.

The Academy conducts the preparation of post-graduate students on a contractual basis in the following scientific specializations:

08.00.05 –  Economics and national economy (by departments and spheres of activities including theory of economic systems management; macroeconomics; economics, organization and management of enterprises, departments, and complexes; innovation management; regional economy; logistics; labor economics; population economics and demography; economics of nature management; land utilization, and others).

08.00.13 –  Mathematical and instrumental methods of economy.

12.00.01 –  Theory and history of law and state; history of legal doctrines.

12.00.02 –  Constitutional law; municipal law.

12.00.03 –  Civil law; entrepreneurial law; family law; international private law.

12.00.14 –  Administrative law; financial law; information law.

Period of training in intramural postgraduate studies – 3 years, correspondence course in postgraduate studies – 4 years. Post-graduate students of intramural training have annual vacations of 2 months. Post-graduate students taking intramural postgraduate studies get an occupational deferment from the draft.

The main services provided to post-graduate students are:

- providing for qualified scientific guidance during dissertation development;

- conducting training studies with post-graduate students of the first year;

- passing of candidate examinations in philosophy, a foreign language and a specialized discipline with awarding of a certificate;

- opportunity for scientific publications on the theme of a dissertation;

- scheduled preparation of the post-graduate student for dissertation defense;

- optional possibility of receiving additional qualification of "Teacher of a higher school;"

- opportunity working in main libraries of Moscow and archival funds;

- carrying-out of preliminary examination of dissertation by experts, preparation of a qualification dossier for presentation to the Dissertation Council.


Conditions of Admission to Postgraduate Studies

Persons having higher professional education can be admitted to the postgraduate studies. Persons previously having taken a course of training in postgraduate studies have no right of secondary training in postgraduate studies. Age restrictions for postgraduate training have not been determined.

The main documents to be presented at entering the postgraduate studies are:

- an application addressed to the president of the Academy requesting admission to the postgraduate studies;

- a copy of a diploma in higher professional education and any enclosures to it;

- a list of scientific works published (in their absence – a scientific report) in a chosen scientific specialty (about 30 typewritten pages);

- a certificate of having passed candidate examinations;

- a personal list of personnel records.

Entrance examinations to the postgraduate studies are held in September. Documents to the Admition Board are presented from May, but not later than the 20th of August. Entrants to the postgraduate studies take entrance examinations in a specialized discipline, philosophy, a foreign language. During the period of examinations, planned consultations are conducted.

Persons who have passed candidate examinations fully or partially are freed from appropriate entrance examinations at entry to the postgraduate studies. Results of final magister examinations in philosophy and a foreign language are counted as entrance examinations to the postgraduate studies.

Telephones for postgraduate studies: 123-90-38 (extension 1-37), 127-27-48 (direct)