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About the Center of Intellectual Development at the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy


The Center of Intellectual Development (TSIR - ЦИР)  of the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy (MFJA - МФА) is an integrated innovative educational-structural division of MFJA, directly answering to the Rector of MFJA.

The Center was established according to a Decree of the Rector of MFJA in December of 2002. Its aim is to increase the quality of educational and pedagogical processes, to develop fundamental intellectual abilities of the Academy's students, to introduce the practice of progressive competitive test-training, game techniques and creativity, to promote the practical effectiveness of educational and marketing capabilities of the Internet for the activities of MFJA.

   The main aim of the Center is the creation within the MFJA of an effective system of developing the intellectual (mental) capabilities of the MFJA students, developing and introducing into the educational process unique, competitive test-training, game-technical technologies, organizing integrated intra- and interfaculty intellectual competition among students of the Academy as well as a transition to profitable functioning of a wide spectrum of test-training, game-techniques, research, development, informational-technology, publishing, agitation, marketing and other commercial programs and projects.

   The main directions of activity of the TSIR MFJA:

1) development and support of the official Web-sites of MFJA and RUI, creation of a complex of educational Internet-projects promoting mental development of students of the Academy and enhancing the image of MFJA;

2) creation of an integrated game-technical system of MFJA including clubs and tournaments involving the most effective intellectual and cyber games, in terms of the mental development of students;

3) creation of an integrated system of intellectual testing and training of Academy students in the form of various competitions and special courses on questions of mental development;

4) creation and development of a "Students Business-Incubator" (SBI), to assist in student acquisition of skills in the sphere of real business already in the course of studies at MFJA as well as to have MFJA students realize full-fledged commercial projects bringing profit to their initiators and participants.


Statement about the club "Gaudeamus"

1. General provisions

1.1. The Student Club "Gaudeamus" of the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy (MFJA) is a voluntary association of students of different faculties of the MFJA interested in general intellectual development, increasing their game mastery, mutually useful contacts, information exchange, teamplay, and participation in different "Gaudeamus" game tournaments.

1.2. Activities of the Club and its administrative bodies are regulated by orders of the Rector of the MFJA and this Constitution, approved by a simple majority of votes of club members present at a Club meeting.

1.3. The Club is called on to assist the general intellectual development of Academy students, to stimulate students' creative work and initiative, increase the quality of student leisure time, create an Academy rating among youth and students, take part in organizing and carrying out "Gaudeamus" tournaments at different levels, to gather the knowledge and capabilities that every member of the Club has individually and which he is ready to provide to other members of the Club.

1.4. The major organ of Club informational activity and the instrument of communication among Club members is its interactive official Web-site, located in the official Web-site of the MFJA.

2. Club aims

The main Club aims are:

2.1. General intellectual and creative development of students of the MFJA, promotion of their skills in non-conventional, creative approaches to problem solving, and increasing their game-technical mastery.

2.2. Formation of a spirit of healthy competition among faculties and students of the MFJA in the sphere of intellectual and creative achievements.

2.3. Development of "Gaudeamus" game theory, accumulation of game experience, creation of data bases and game-technical archives.

2.4. Publicity for the "Gaudeamus" game, expansion of the sphere of Gau-movement participants.

2.5. Taking part in preparing and conducting "Gaudeamus" tournaments at all levels.

2.6. Identification of the most intellectually developed students, assistance with their accelerated personal development, registration of their intellectual and creative achievements.

3. Management of Club activities

3.1. Leading organs of the Club are the Board and President of the Club elected by members of the Club by simple majority of votes of members present at a meeting.

3.2. The Board of the Club shall be made up of five elected members of the Club. The President is a member of the Board ex officio.

3.3. The Board has a right to elect a Vice-President Правление вправе избрать вице-президента, acting as and exercising the rights of the President in his absence or during his instruction.

3.4. Meetings are authorized to conduct voting on all questions if there is not less than half the Club members present.

3.5. The Club holds Meetings at least once every three months.

3.6. An agenda of the Meeting shall be prepare by the President of the Club in agreement with the Board. After the Meeting a protocol will be executed, which will be signed by President.

4. Membership in the Club

4.1. Students and educators of the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy, and students of other higher and secondary educational enterprises in Russia can be members of the Club.

4.2. A decision about admission to Club members is made by the Board of the Club on the basis of an oral or written application of a candidate. Resignation from the Club is carried out voluntarily.

5. Rights of Club members

Club members have the right:

5.1. To get information about Club decisions, the state of development of the Gau-movement in MFJA and other institutions of higher education of Russia, a schedule of forthcoming competitions, results of tournaments conducted, and other similar measures and evaluations.

5.2. To use the archives and other materials of the Club.

5.3. To carry out free conferences with members of the Club on any questions concerning development of a Gau-movement, theory and practice of the "Gaudeamus" game, as well as other questions of mutual interest.

5.4. To make proposals, provide information about himself (herself) or about potential partners of the Club.

5.5. To take part in Club meetings, in preparation of the meeting agenda, and the work of the Club between meetings.

5.6. To take part in all evaluations conducting by the Club.

6. Responsibilities of members of the Club

6.1. To regularly attend meetings and other evaluations of the Club as well as the process of their preparation.

6.2. To display initiative in achieving the aims and helping solve problems of the Club.

6.3. To attempt to increase their game-technical mastery and establish maximum high achievements in "Gaudeamus" competitions.

7. Rights and responsibilities of the President of the Club.

The President of the Club has rights and is responsible:

7.1. To coordinate and organize Club members' activities, to organize necessary consultations and exchanges of information in the periods between Club meetings.

7.2. To organize Club Meetings, to coordinate with the Board the place, time, agenda and order of the meetings.

7.3. To involve new members of the Club.

7.4. To prepare informational materials concerning activities of the Club, its members, to distribute them and to publish them on the Web-site.

7.5. To take part in the organization of "Gaudeamus" tournaments in the MFJA, and to assist in conducting tournaments at the inter-institution level.

7.6. To take part in the formation of a combined team of the Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy and faculty teams for "Gaudeamus", to create conditions for the training of members of Academy teams.

7.7. To perform other duties and to exercise the rights resulting from this Constitution.