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113447 Moscow , Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya Street 17-А.

Tel.: (095) 126-96-66, (095) 126-97-77.

Open: Weekdays 10:00 – 18:00 , Saturdays 10:00 – 14:00 .

If you come from the center of Moscow , take the last metro carriage. Get out at "Academicheskaya" metro station, exit to the " Ulan Bator " cinema. Go to Dmitry Ulyanov Street and continue to Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya Street (you will recognize it by the tram rails), then turn left after crossing the street, and go straight to the 5-storey brick building with № 17а. Estimated walking time from the metro to the intersection of Bolshaya Cheryomushkinskaya Street – about 10-15 minutes, further along the street itself – 2-3 minutes.



Moscow , Warshavskoye Chauseé 81, bldg. 2.

Tel.: (095) 119-00-06, (095) 119-00-70.

If you come from Kashirskaya metro station, take the last car in the metro and get out at "Warshavskaya" metro station (signs there say this exit leads to suburban trains or to the "Shalom" cinema). Exit through the glass doors, turn right and go upstairs. After you are outside, go straight for about 30 meters and turn right, keep going straight, cross the wooden deck, cross carefully a small street (do not turn), pass an 8-storey brick building, some small garages and before the next house turn right. When you see in front of you a white arch (it is slightly set back in the yard) with the sign "Московская финансово-юридическая академия" (" Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy ") go into it – and you are there! Estimated time: 5 minutes, but when the building is finished, the trip will be shorter and you will find the Academy more easily.



Moscow , Vereyskaya Street 29.

Tel.: (095) 443-34-42, (095) 443-34-39.

If you come from the center, take the first car in the metro train and get out at "Kuntsevskaya" metro station. Exit to the right, go upstairs to the bridge and go to the bus stop, take bus № 733 or routing taxi (jitney) № 781, 103 and go to stop "Ulitsa Dorokhova" ("Dorokhov Street" - "ул. Дорохова" - the final stop of the route). Exit the bus. On a 5-storey building you will see the sign "Московская финансово-юридическая академия" (" Moscow Financial-Juridical Academy "). If you cannot see it, come in from the end side (the building will be fenced), go through the gate and there you are.



Moscow , Plestcheev Street 16-А.

Tel.: (095) 902-32-88.